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Are underworks binders really harder to get on/off, is it really scratchy etc. etc., is it worth being flatter when the 2xl gc2b already does a passable job and the L would probably be fine too? TLDR with my measurements (18in shoulder 41in chest) should I size down with regular gc2b half binder or go for an underworks one?About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators ...May 31, 2015 · Gc2b started out with products for men with gynecomastia, but, like Underworks, the FTM business has expanded enough for a whole new line of business. Trans* and FtM Customers! We have heard you and designed a dedicated product just for you! Check out our new line of chest binders!

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Bind with a GC2B or Underworks binder. Don't bind for more than 8 hours ever day. Don't excersize while binding. Unfortunately sagging is inevitable. I've been binding for two and a half years and I've got a lot of sagging in my breasts, and probably did after six months of binding. Sagging will digfer for everyone, especially based on cup size.Mar 17, 2015 · Underworks. GC2B. Venus Envy. Binder recycling programs: Mazzoni Center's Binder Recycling Program. Replace the Ace. In a Bind. tumblr.com. The online trans community has become a great resource ... Sp410 thermal printer driver downloadlevel 1. angelmicah. · 3d. When I was still binding a couple of years ago I 100% would have advocated for gc2b, I loved their binders and found them so much more comfortable than underworks. But anecdotally I've heard that the quality of gc2b binders has really fallen recently. 3. level 1. occhiolicysm. · 3d.It really comes down to personal preference, but in my experience, GC2B was much more comfortable. I was ~40 in/DD prior to top surgery. Underworks made me feel like I was wearing a sausage casing all day and just kind of “smooshed” everything in a way that didn’t ever look natural or flattering.

For me, with the Underworks tri-top and the GC2B half length binder they literally came to a penny difference in total. I'm not sure what these styles will get you as far as price after shipping, but I do know that GC2B's shipping is cheaper than Underworks. In my opinion both companies bind exceptionally well.

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I'm slightly overweight and have a larger chest. I just wanted to ask whether an underworks binder or a gc2b binder makes your chest flatter. Edit: Thanks for all the advice!!

Hemp hurd for sale in indiaUnderworks is not meant for trans people, and I feel like it shows. Their material is also coarser and more restricting, yet not very effective in making my chest flat; their binders make your chest look more like pecs, which looks silly when you aren’t very fit. GC2B, on the other hand, is a company operated by trans people. Click here to use our sizing chart to find your size! Email your measurements to [email protected] for a sizing suggestion or if you're confused about any step! HOW TO SIZE. Compare your largest chest measurement and your shoulder measurement to the sizing chart. If your chest and shoulder measurements do not align with the same size, choose the larger size.Can I double bind (wear two binders at once)? No. We do not ever recommend double binding or wearing additional shapewear over or under our products. Your safety is important and binding can be risky if not done safely and with your health and comfort in mind..

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